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Healthcare and Safety Management System for People with Disabilities (PWD–HS

The general purpose of PWD-HS management system model is to contribute in providing a standard of living for people with disabilities and to protect and enhance their rights and opportunites without any discrimination within the rules and regulations.

The system contains practices for people with disabilities that intends to avoid distresses, difficulties and barriers within their community life. This management system model has been designed to adapt to all kinds of organizations and different geographic, cultural and social environments.

The performace of the system is subject to the commitment of the personnel performing different tasks at different levels, especially senior management. Therefore, training of human resources according to the needs and sensibility of people with disabilities plays as much importance role as establishing technical infrastructure.

Such a system would not only enable an organization to develop a certain PWD policy, to establish an objective and process to perform this policy requirements, to take necessary actions in improving the performance and to show the compatibility of integration to the organization but also bring new service areas, new customer porfolio and customer satisfaction.